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Bronde Babe

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We are business women, ceo’s, social media masters, marketing strategists, low-key film makers and photographers, growth mindset seekers, educators, mentors, leaders, and all things hair obsessed. 

We aren't JUST  hairstylists. 


Yes, we show you how to build a sustainable clientele. But thats not all we do. At Brondology, you become a part of something bigger, and can fufill other ambitions such as: educator, mentor, and other managerial roles.

We’re honestly not the type of salon and stylists who show up to do hair and then go home. We expect better from ourselves, for our clients, for what we’re known for. We’re dreamers, innovators, clear communicators. We are here at the forefront of evolution in the hair industry, and leading and setting the bar for all. As Brondology becomes the first exclusive luxury color and extension salon and quickly rising to become one  of the  top rated salons in Salem, we have the clientele opportunity to support rising artists that align with our vision of delivering premium services through our modernized approaches to the client journey so our guests feel seen, heard, and uplifted


Brondology serves the modern hairstylist who desires to reach past their glass ceilings, limiting beliefs, and participate in the growth of a unique boss babe culture that feels like family. Brondology has built structures and systems that teach stylists the figurative and literal concepts to building a  successful career. No matter what experience level or years in the industry, trust us, your mind will be BLOWN by the knowledge Brondology's mentors provide.

Modern Hairstylist





Doing our best even when we know no one is looking. Making decisions and choices that align with holding ourselves to higher standards


Owning our parts and contribution to team atmosphere, salon flow, and guest services


Continuously looking for ways to grow ourselves, our businesses, and relationships


Being open minded to whats on the other side of tough communication and experiences. Learning that growth comes from moments where we’re pushed outside our comfort zone


Clearly communicating thoughts, needs, and expectations to clients and team members. Articulating thoughts and ideas in a way that feels constructive and from a good place.


Staying on the cusp of the industries evolution at all times. Continually seeking ways to make our jobs more streamlined and guest experience unmatched

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Career roadmapping

We create a work schedule to meet your financial and career goals. Most hairstylists are working without goals in mind or even know what they're working towards. We'll show you how to get to the point of working 3 days behind the chair with an assistant to obtain true time and financial freedom

Generous compensation

Our payscales are proportionate to what an independent artist makes after taxes and expenses as they scale their business. We teach you how to understand your business so you know what you need to do to make the income you desire

team bonding and trips

Being a team and hair fam is HUGE for us. We love planning little and big things to bond and build deeper relationships besides just a working relationship. We take trips, throw events, or maybe just go out for dinner together. When you're a bronde babe, you're more than just an employee.

All color, supplies, backbar, equipment, and tools supplied

We literally provide everything you need to be a high level artist. We don't skimp on the details. All you need to bring on board is your shears, we take care of the rest!

Large Clientele Base

We build artists into a full clientele within 9-12 months. Our high converting webpage and social media channels bring in daily client inquiries. On top of that, our higher level artists have an overflow of guests that get funneled to our artists because of pricing or availability differences.

Abundant Space

To be a high performing artist you need ample storage and working space for all your color, supplies, and tools. We've thought of it all. From cabinet storage, station storage, and work tray space, you have everything you could need to feel fully equipped

Cashback Perks

We have two amazing retail perks to offer. First, we have a scaled commission for retail sales. You sell more, you make more, it makes more sense! Second, we offer a "cashback for tools" program where you receive a percent back on retail sales to go towards tools or equipment of your choice.

Continuing education

We're committed to bringing in in-demand education and artists into the salon twice a year at the salon's expense to keep your education thirst quenched. All employees also receive monthly 1-on-1 coaching and hands on training

health insurance

One of the biggest struggles for independent hairstylists is finding affordable healthcare. Brondology offers full time employees an affordable option for healthcare by paying 50% of our selected healthcare plan's premium 

Luxury Experience

We always say, it's not just about the hair, it's about the experience. At Brondology we continue to provide an upscale, upbeat, trendy, and clean environment. Our guests obsess over the ambience and our luxury amenities like mimosas and other tasty treats.

That Matter


Positions Available




Pay rate:


Apprentices will work side by side with owner Jenny, starting with a 6 week bootcamp. This part shadowing/part hands on education approach gives you the foundational components to understand and get a grasp on everything Brondology delivers and the systems and methodologies behind it. Jenny works closely with their apprentices to deliver feedback, mentor, and educate. As apprentices show their proficiency in technical skills, guest experience, communication, time efficiency, problem solving, and competence in Brondology system and structures, apprentices move into a co-stylist category where they can advance their skills on their own and begin building their clientele.